Join the Alliance 2030 network for unique webinar presentation with Danika Littlechild on the topic of the potential of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Topics covered may include:

  • The establishment of the SDGs at the UN, and the Indigenous Peoples’ Major Group participation in that process
  • The fulfillment of the SDGs as a way of affirming and acting on human rights for people, including Indigenous peoples
  • The obligation of different stakeholders to the SDGs – government, civil society, private sector

Danika Littlechild is a lawyer from the Ermineskin Cree Nation in Alberta. Her areas of expertise are governance, indigenous legal systems, environment and international law. She was appointed Vice-President of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCU) in 2014. She has been a member of the CCU for over a decade, formerly as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Sectoral Commission, Culture, Communication and Information. She was also consulting legal counsel for the International Indian Treaty Council (2011) and has been a member of the North South Institute since 2008.

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Date and Time
May 25, 2018 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Ticket Price
Free Event