Save the date - SFI Annual Conference 2018

When it comes to providing supply chain assurances, producing conservation outcomes, and supporting education and community engagement – Forests are the Answer. The 2018 SFI Annual Conference will explore this theme and engage you in a discussion focused on why Forests are the Answer to so many of the most important sustainability challenges we face in the sector and in our communities.

The SFI Annual Conference brings together thought leaders and influencers: forest sector representatives, conservation and community partners, and Indigenous leaders as well as some of the most engaged forest product customers in North America. This year’s conference will discuss topics relevant to national and international initiatives across the forest sector. Come to the 2018 SFI Annual Conference to learn more and engage with the SFI community.

Date and Time
October 16, 2018 – October 18, 2018
1306 Wellington Street West, Suite 400, Ottawa ON K1Y 3B2
Ticket Price
$625 – $825
Wheelchair Accessible

Contact Information

Darren Sleep
Senior Director, Conservation Strategies
613-424-8734, ext. 305