African-Canadian Development Cooperation (ACADEC) is a non-governmental, non-political, not-for-profit and humanitarian organization registered with the Government of Canada. Our goal is to see Africans living in Canada flourish in all their endeavours. It is our belief that each of us has potential but the extent of the expression of individual potential depends on many factors. Some factors enhance it while other factors shadow the expression.

Coming to Canada could be challenging especially for people who do not have the social and economic support structure, so to support people through this transition period ACADEC will periodically organize training workshop and seminars on various topics and issues that will help your easy integration and stability into Canadian society. Our CORE VALUES are MIGRATION, INTEGRATION, DEVELOPMENT & EDUCATION (MIDE) These are the four pillars on which ACADEC operations stand.

We also work in and with Africa Countries when the need arises. ACADEC sees this as an opportunity to give back to our root using the most potent but largely neglected development resources, African professionals in the diaspora. In fulfilling the sustainable development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations especially in Africa countries, Africans-in-diaspora professionals must be engaged. These are the people that live their early lives in Africa; studied, trained and now working and residing in the western world for decades. They can easily replicate these same development indicators in Africa. Interestingly, most of these people are stakeholders in the development processes here in Canada. ACADEC Canada will be the bridge between these people and Africa.

ACADEC work in partnership with individuals, associations, community groups, corporate bodies, organisations and both Canada and Africa government in fulfilling these mandates.

Stephen O Akinbile
Executive Director
Climate Action
Gender Equality
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
No Poverty
Partnerships for the Goals
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
Quality Education
Reduced Inequalities
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Zero Hunger