Learning environment should promote sustainable environment

Sustainability in our Classrooms

As an educator, it is interesting to see how the implementation of the sustainability concept can extend to education and learning. I have just finished an interesting course on “Sustainability in our Classrooms” by Seneca Polytechnic Teaching and Learning Centre. I have been interested in exploring the concept of Sustainability in Education, and this course was a great opportunity to understand different strategies to integrate environmental, economic, and social sustainability into my English and Communication courses.
Throughout the 4 modules of the course, I was engaged with multiple sustainability models, frameworks and a variety of examples. I participated in authentic tasks and activities to promote sustainability in classrooms. At the end of the course, I developed a Sustainability Integration Plan which maps to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

I recommend the topic of sustainability in education to all my colleagues in the education industry and all schools and educational institutions.

Professor Rehab Alsayad

Cultural Director of ECCAO Board