SDG Bootcamp 2019

Are you passionate about global issues and want to learn more about community and political engagement, group work, and self-awareness? Do you want a unique experience that challenges your growth as an individual and in a team? Are you ready for practical opportunities to develop your changemaking skills from a community engagement roadtrip, to attending the UN High Level Political Forum in New York? The BC Council for International Cooperation has the perfect opportunity for you: the Sustainable Development Goals Bootcamp!

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)  Bootcamp is a transformational change course anchored in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provided by the non-profit BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC). The Bootcamp approaches the SDGs as a transformational agenda and seeks to develop participant’s personal, social and systems skills so that they are able to use the SDGs to support social, economic and environmental change in the world.

Learn more and apply today through the BCCIC website:

Deadline to apply February 15, 2019


Contact Information

Dan Harris
Program Officer