#ContinentalHydrology as a basis for achieving all of the engineering and policy potentials for #SDG6

Photo by Anita Denunzio on Unsplash

Floodwater is needed for replenishing water tables, not flooding urban areas and returning with toxic agricultural contaminants to the oceans. If afforestation and recovery of existing forests are to be possible as part of #SDG13, we will have to create a network of canals linking floodplains to constructed wetlands, where water purifies using plants that absorb all contaminants, including hormones and antibiotics.

I plan to develop this theme as a member of Duck Unlimited, and I will be urging that SDG networks make this a priority so all nations cooperate in making water a continent-wide management goal, that creates an infrastructure that will enable enough land-based use of water to offset icecap melt.