The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is an independent think tank championing sustainable solutions to 21st century problems. Our mission is to promote human development and environmental sustainability. We envision an approach to implementing the SDGs centered on collaboration and innovation: a system where individuals, institutions and communities feel a shared sense of ownership for the 2030 Agenda and are empowered to take collective action.

Our SDG Knowledge Program seeks to enhance SDG implementation by sharing information and reporting on progress on international initiatives for SDG implementation through the SDG Knowledge Hub, and by convening and enabling SDG practitioners in the Geneva 2030 Ecosystem. In Canada, we work at the local level to establish community indicator systems empowering communities to track progress on their priorities in the context of the SDGs. We also work towards expanding our ability to track progress by developing innovative methods and tools that allow us to measure differently.

Stefan Jungcurt
Lead, SDG Indicators and Monitoring
All SDGs