Sport for Life exists to build physical literacy and improve the quality of sport based on Long-term athlete development (LTAD). Starting in 2005 as a project to support Long-term athlete development planning by Canada’s National Sport Organizations (NSOs), we evolved into a movement led by a network of experts and champions working across sport, recreation, education and health, from community to national levels. To sustain our growth, in 2014 Sport for Life Society incorporated as a nationally registered not for profit organization. Today Sport for Life is a knowledge-based social enterprise working in a variety of ways:

  • Awareness – providing Long-term athlete development and physical literacy information to practitioners, and supporting partners to broaden awareness.
  • Education – designing and delivering Long-term athlete development and physical literacy knowledge through a variety education media.
  • Resources – creating and publishing a variety of resources as well as providing subject matter experts to assist partner organizations.
  • Engagement and Programming – facilitating engagement with stakeholders and creating programs delivery by partner organizations. We do not deliver programs directly.
  • Policy and Strategy – acting as subject matter experts to enable policy development by governments, institutions and organizations.
  • Research – acting as a catalyst to support research within other organizations, which we can then use in our Education, Resources and Program Design.
  • Assessment – collecting and analyzing information, and facilitating other organizations to engage in assessment and the development of assessment tools.
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