Iris the Dragon is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to improving mental wellness and reducing the stigma faced by those who experience mental illness. We hope to inform society that mental health is just as important as physical health.  

Established in 2001, this charity has two decades of experience tackling these issues through the use of storytelling. This innovative use of storytelling has been recognized through awards, such as The Royal Ottawa’s Inspirational Award for Leader in Mental Health.

Historically, Iris the Dragon has focused on helping children and their caregivers understand mental illness, through storybooks. However, in 2017, the organization widened its scope to include adults, particularly mental health within the workplace. We now develop low-cost, high impact tools to enhance the mental wellness of people in different life stages, such as childhood, youth, parenthood, and old age.

Iris the Dragon’s key programs include: Iris the Dragon Storybooks, Iris the Dragon Units of Study for Teachers and the IncludeMe online training program for workplace mental health.

Jessica Grass
Chief Operating Officer
Health and Well-Being
Quality Education