We are a grass roots organization that focuses on the water quality in the Qu’Appelle River system in Saskatchewan.    We base our decisions on the 17 SDG’s.  We have held Water Festivals, walked in the First Nations Treaty Four Pow Wow parade, attended the Midsummer Festival and connected the University of Regina with the Treaty Four Pow Wow parade.

We worked with Pasqua First Nation Chief Todd Peigan, the University of Regina Dr Peter Leavitt to shed light on the sewage discharges by the City of Regina.  We have build a communication bridge with the City of Regina and we are proud to say that the City has not discharged raw sewage since 2015 and now use language in their media releases that talks to the respect of the downstream communities.

We are now focusing our work on the loss of wetlands in Saskatchewan.  Saskatchewan is one of the few provinces that does not have a wetland policy.  On Nov 3, 2020 we will be working with the Johnson Shoyama Public School of Policy and the UN RCE on Education for Sustainable Development to host a virtual conference on SDG 12 – responsible water consumption.  Sincerely Aura Lee MacPherson


Aura Lee MacPherson
Chair of The Calling Lakes Ecomusuem
Clean Water and Sanitation
Responsible Consumption and Production