Canadian Humanitarian:

Vision That every child might reach their full potential

Mission We help disadvantaged children break free from the cycle of poverty

Philosophy  That all people are equal.  That the opportunity to reach one’s potential is a basic human right. That poverty can be eradicated. That by building children; helping them to grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially, by fulfilling their needs as they gain an education, discover their talents, by giving them tools to take control of their own futures, they will grow up and change their world.

Methodology We call our method ” The Holistic Child Centered Network” .  It engages an education program that is comprehensive; addressing physical  health, emotional support, social integration, opportunities for personal growth, and public education.

This model is successful in changing lives, in one generation, helping hundreds of children break free from poverty and social exclusion , to fully contributing community members.

Approach  We use a “grassroots” or “Bottom -Up” approach. We liaise with local government authorities to refer their most vulnerable children for consideration  for benefits. Gender issues are part  of acceptance criteria.

Children  are supported in a family environment, usually in a foster family headed by a surviving grandparent, aunt, uncle, older sibling, or neighbor, allowing cultural language, customs, and relationships to  be maintained .

Education is supported in these ways:

  1. full integration and registration into local school system
  2. Provision of local after school program, within walking distance of home or school .
  3. Scholarship support for post secondary programs at college, university, or vocational training centers
  4. Guardian support programs
  5. Expedition volunteer mentoring, training, and services

Outcomes  Students develop the confidence  and hope that they can shape their own future. Over 900 young people have currently moved from desperate poverty, to successful education completion, employment, and independence.

Richard Northcott
Executive Director
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