Youth with disabilities are among the most marginalized and poorest of the world’s youth population and are more likely to face severe social, economic, and civic disparities as compared with those without disabilities, even in developed countries. For many young people with disabilities, exclusion, isolation, and abuse, as well as lack of educational and economic opportunities, are daily experiences as per source drawn by UNICEF.

The estimated number of children with disabilities between 0 and 18 years ranges between 93 million and 150 million. These figures are rough estimates, however, and reflect the insufficiency of data on youth with disabilities, especially in the developing world.

“How can we empower children with disabilities so that they can have clear and customized representation in the toys they play with, in a sustainable manner?”

BoomPowWOW Box is a system to adapt card and board games to improve children’s unseen super-powers. Moreover, it is an open-source toolkit to empower people to develop the project into extensions and new applications. It does not require high-technology tools to be developed.

Sagar Ratilal Bavarva
Co-founder & Business Management Lead
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