Hope you are well in these unusual and transformative times.

I am a Teaching Artist with a diverse practice including a specialty in cultural mediation. Introducing and establishing art programs, working with a diverse clientele, from children to seniors in public and private institutions from elementary to university, community groups, business environments and health and mental health institutions. Acting as curator, organizer and manager. My mixed media art works can be found in public and private spaces through out Quebec. I lives my dreams.

  • Each workshop is independent of the others.
  • Workshops begin with an introduction; self-introduction, the theme / techniques, inspirations, and materials needed.
  • Step by step instruction is given along with encouragement and dialogue throughout.
  • Drawing concepts are explained, music, power points and examples are used to enhance the artistic experience.
  • Partakers will follow their creative ideas and make an original work.
  • Art stimulates the imagination, reduces stress, and opens the heart and mind to possibilities.
  • Art has proven to help you forget problems, think clearly, improve your mood, connect to others, develop your confidence, motivate you to try something new.
  • This program will involve, create community, and entertain students through art.

All lesson plans can be made with paper, pencil, and recycled materials. However always nice to experiment and create with: A variety of papers. Markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, pens, watercolor and paint.

Deirdre Potash
Teaching Artist
Gender Equality
Health and Well-Being
Quality Education
Reduced Inequalities